The Situation
-Currently in the salon industry there is no uniform tool by which to effectively mix hair colour products.
-The majority of hair stylists are currently still using tools NOT designed to mix hair colour products .
-There is a need amongst hair professionals for “the perfect mixer”.

The Quisk

-Tested for performance in the various bleaches, high volume peroxides and hair colours.
-Designed to fit all of the industry mixing bowls.
-Three specially designed pedals for easy mixing.
-Customized screening on the handle.
-Available in a variety of signature colours.
-Worldwide patent.
-Made in Canada.

Product Benefits
-Smooth consistency in all colours and bleaches.
-Product design offers more options for mixing.
-Preserves the longevity and performance of the colour brush.
-Provides for time efficient mixing.
-Designed by a professional for professionals.
-Low unit-cost provides an excellent opportunity as an added-value bonus item

Product Research

Independent testing of The Quisk provided the following results:
-No product discolouration or breakdown after weeks of submergence in 20, 30 or 40 volume peroxides.
-The same results were yielded when The Quisk was mixed with various bright, dark and pre-lighteners.

The Opportunity
Product to be purchased and used as a value-add promotional item with hair colour packages.


Product to be purchased and used as a “stand-alone” tool for sale to salon professionals.

MSRP: $4.95 cdn.

Please call (416-442-8220) or email us for quantity and purchase prices.

***Customized screening or engraving available at additional cost.
****Shipping and handling is at an additional cost.