The Quisk Story
In the beginning, man created the brush-perfect for the application of colour-not so perfect for mixing. In an attempt to mix with something that doesn't bristle, man created the whisk-perfect little kitchen tool- not so perfect for chemical reactions. Enter...Rosario, creator of "The Quisk," the ingenious new tool, the ultimate hair colour mixer.

Rosario, a true professional in this industry, had the desire to give back what it (the industry) had given him. It was with this drive; Rosario began his ambitious venture to create the ultimate tool for

In his quest for a functional mixing tool for hair colour, Rosario explored the world of whisks. The brush, although an excellent application tool, tends to spread its bristles and then loses its effectiveness for application. Its wide angles do not allow for proper mixing deep down into the bowl, therefore, resulting in the loss of product. Replacement of the brush, for multiple use, can be frequent and thus, costly. We then made attempts to integrate the kitchen metal whisk into the equation. Now we have a tool that mixes well, but has a negative reaction to the chemicals used in colour and bleaching techniques hence, erosion.

Rosario, and one very confident investor, then decides to investigate plastics. We have now established that, with the ideal materials, the model size, and the exemplary flexibility, the ultimate hair colour mixing tool has been produced, in Canada.